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South GA horse rescue organization needs donations

Anita Meisen Anita Meisen

THOMAS COUNTY, GA (WALB) - With cold weather not far off, a south Georgia rescue organization is in desperate need of donations.

Earlier this year the Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue took in about 80 malnourished horses seized from Rebecca Bannister's residence.

And with Bannister's court date now pushed back to January, the Horse Rescue still has a lot of mouths to feed.

With close to 50 horses and donkeys still in the pasture, the Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue is turning to the public for help.

"We've re-homed, adopted out, about 20. And we have several others in foster homes," said Horse Rescue President Anita Meisen.

After making several trips to Rebecca Bannister's Thomas and Brooks County residences, the Thomas County Sheriff's Office seized about 80 malnourished animals in February and brought them here to Ochlocknee.

"The horses we have now are in excellent condition. We have been able to assess which ones of them have old injuries, which ones of them are adoptable. The younger ones we will need to take through the winter time because in this economy nobody wants to have a horse out on a pasture as a pasture ornament," said Meisen.

After a continuance and the death of State Court Judge Elliot Mccollum, Bannister's court case is now scheduled for January.

That means the Rescue will keep the horses for much longer than expected.

"Our biggest need right now is for hay, for the winter. We want to secure that hay supply so that we have it on hand and we're looking at about $3,000 worth of hay," said Meisen.

But Meisen says she loves what she does. "It's really hard and it's really expensive, but it's extremely rewarding. And the horses know we are trying to help them."

Bannister faces charges of cruelty to animals and theft.

Below are links to the Rescue's website.

Click HERE to learn more and Click HERE to help.

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