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Cyclists want drivers to pay more attention on the road

Pecan City Peddlers Race Manager Michele Moulton wants to get the word out to drivers to watch out for cyclists.

"Our group really has a lot of problems sometimes with cars. They want to come a little too close or they want to honk the honk as they pass us," said Moulton.

Skid marks still remain on Ephesus Church Road in Worth County after Cindy Cochran was struck by a motorist last week. Cochran is recovering after suffering several broken bones.

Last September, Cochran's sister-in-law, Priscilla Carter, was hit by a driver on Fire Tower Road in Worth County. We spoke to her off camera Monday afternoon and she says it's been a long road to recovery for her. She had to relearn how to walk and is only able to drive short distances.

"Just last week my husband and 12-year-old were riding home and a car buzzed right beside us. I probably could have touched his mirror if I wanted to. It's nerve-racking and I take it a little bit more personally now since my 12 year old is riding," said Moulton.

Last year, Governor Nathan Deal passed Georgia's 3 feet law, which requires drivers to move over at least three feet when passing cyclists. A law Moulton says many drivers don't follow.

"Just treat us like you treat motorcycles. You're not going to buzz past a motorcycle you're not going to throw a bottle at a motorcyclist. Just treat us like another car," said Moulton.

"We're mothers, daddies, sisters and brothers, just like everybody else, so just think about it as if it was one of your family members out there on a bike," she continued.

Moulton has never been hit by a passing motorist and for her family's sake, she prays she never is.

The driver in last week's accident was not charged because investigators ruled sun glare obstructed his view at the time.


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