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Store owner posts pictures of shoplifters on Facebook

The signs of a surveillance camera are in most clothing stores, yet shoplifters ignore them. 

Daniel James is the owner of Las Olas, a clothing store in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. He said his store averages about two to five shoplifters a year since they opened five years ago.

But he said he does not get repeat offenders -- and he credits Facebook for that.

"It's pretty much the largest social media cast net that you can capture thieves with," he said. "You'd be surprised how many people get caught using Facebook by the police."

Shoplifters like Abigail Kopald end up behind bars, then on the Las Olas Facebook page in handcuffs. According to the police report, Kopald confessed to Charleston police that she took Las Olas merchandise.

James said within minutes of posting the pictures to the store's 5,000 plus Facebook friends, he gets more information about the thief than what he needs.

"I've checked with our lawyer and as soon as they are prosecuted, it is public information. We are allowed to shame them publicly," James said.

James said he did not create the Facebook page with the intention of posting pictures of shoplifters, but he said it is working to his benefit. Most Las Olas customers agree with the public shaming.

"Obviously there are thousands of people on Facebook looking at those photos," said shopper Alice Keeney. "If you can catch the people doing wrong, why not?"

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