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Family misses American Idol star Phillip Phillips


American Idol winner Phillip Phillips is so busy it's even tough for his family back here in South Georgia to keep up with him.

If you caught Tuesday morning's Today Show on NBC, you saw him perform his platinum hit "Home".

He's living the hectic life of a true celebrity these days and while he sings about Home, he doesn't get to spend much time here.

Phillip's dad, Donnie, says he couldn't be more proud, but his son's stardom is sinking in and so is the fact that he's far away from home. 

Phillip Phillips went from a 21-year-old college student to a major star in a matter of days.

"He tried out for American Idol, but boom he was just gone," said Donnie Phillips, Phillip Phillips Father.

Nowadays, the Leesburg native has a schedule that's hard to keep up with.

"He'll fly everywhere, here and there back and forth," said Phillips.

Tuesday, he was on The Today Show, where he performed his platinum hit "Home" and his biggest fans back home were watching.

"He looked good on TV today, he gained a little weight," said Phillips.

But Phillip's song "Home" couldn't be more ironic.

"He hadn't been home all year, it's been tough," said Phillips.

His family is extremely proud of his accomplishments, but his dad says it's bittersweet because they don't hear from him much.

"Whenever we get a call from him, or call him and get him somebody is always hollering at him he's got to go," said Phillips.

Last week they talked to him on the phone for a minute, it's the longest they've talked with him in months

"He'll text us, love ya'll miss ya'll gotta go, we appreciate the text but we want to hear your voice," said Phillips. 

But even if it's just for a minute, it's worth it. 

"That one second is like a thousand years, it goes a long way," said Phillips.

His dad says he knows his son is doing what he needs to do, so he can be where he wants to be. But we often get caught up in life and sometimes forget to call the ones who mean the most.

"One day you are going to wish you could hear the phone ring and at the end of the phone could be the voice you really care about. Sorry about that but we don't take the time, it only takes a second to let someone know how you feel," said Phillips.

Although he misses his son, he's not worried about Phillip. He knows after the American Idol tour is over things will settle down.

"When he gets time, he's going to come home and we will be ready for him," said Phillips.

Because after all, home is where the heart is and always will be.

His family is hoping to see him during the holidays. So they can finally have some quiet family time together.

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