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Pink eye outbreak reported in South GA


Optometrists are urging folks to wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes because they are seeing a rash of very severe pink eye cases.

It's gotten so bad that Optometrists at South Georgia Eye partners say last week they saw up to three new cases a day per doctor in Valdosta and Tifton.

Doctors are reporting similar cases in Ben Hill and Irwin Counties too.

Pink eye is very contagious, and it can easily be passed around especially at schools and daycares.

It's extremely important to wash your hands as often as possible and avoid touching your eyes because once you start seeing the symptoms you could be contagious for up to two weeks.

"These patients their eyes get very red almost a beefy red their eyelids are very swollen very painful it looks like the worse pink eye you've ever imagined having," said Dr. Alan Peaslee, Optometrist at South Ga. Eye Partners.

Other ways to avoid getting pink eye, change your towels and wash clothes daily and avoid sharing eye make-up.

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