Viewpoint: Drivers license rules have changed

Many of you have complained recently about new rules for renewing your driver's license. We agree the new regulations are cumbersome, but they're meant to make our country safer by preventing identification fraud.

And there's nothing the state can do about it.  These are rules mandated by the federal government.

Here's what you need to know.  The next time you renew your license, and ONLY the next time, you can't do it online.  You must do it in person.

You must bring something that proves your identification, such as a passport or an original birth certificate.  You must also bring your social security card, or official documents that show your social security number.  You must also bring two documents that prove your current address.

If your name has changed since the last time you got a license, you may have to go to your county's probate court to get a marriage license or divorce decree.  You may also need to visit that office if you don't have a birth certificate.

If you're still unclear about what you need, read this editorial online for a link to the rules.  It could help your next visit to the Department of Driver's Services be a little less of a headache.