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Will Highway 280 be four lanes soon?


Roads in South Georgia.  They carry goods and people everywhere.  But maintaining them takes money.  To do that the state left it up to the voters to help fund improvements.

Tom Patton, the County Administrator for Crisp County said, "T-SPLOST is a state program that was developed and it was developed to be done regionally."

While the voters mostly gave a thumbs down for T-SPLOST, voters in Crisp County approved of the extra penny sales tax.

"They understand the importance of it,"

Voters passed T-SPLOST with 54 per cent of the vote. So what's next?

"For us, that's 280 west and the bridge over Lake Blackshear," Patton said.

The Lake Blackshear Bridge carries a lot of traffic as one of only a few crossings of the Flint River in our area.

In the next ten years, the goal is to either widen the bridge across the lake or simply to add another bridge as part of a four laning of Highway 280 from Cordele to Americus.

But it's not all that's on the agenda.

The Crisp County share of the T-SPLOST money amounts to more than $800,000 dollars per year.  That means improvements to roads within the county that may have gotten out of shape over the years.

Patton said, "the payoff is hopefully improved industry, improved roads and improved quality of life."

The T-SPLOST will be with Crisp County taxpayers until 2022.  But residents and officials here hope that the improvements will last much longer.

Another project being considered is the widening of Highway 280 east of Cordele.

The next step for the T-Splost will be a September meeting during which regional transportation leaders will make final decisions on what to do with the money.

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