Viewpoint: Heritage House takes on new meaning

We can't wait to drive down Oglethorpe Boulevard and see a big eye sore transformed into green space!

The improvement will be even greater than the big conversion on Slappey Boulevard, when the abandoned Ford Dealership was leveled.

That dilapidated eyesore sat as blight on Albany for years, but was finally made right when Oxford Construction took it over.  They bulldozed the building, hauled the remains away to be recycled, and planted grass on the ground.

Now Oxford has joined forces with the city of Albany to rid us of the Heritage House in the same way.

It's a win, win...

The city gets rid of the monstrosity at the least possible cost, and can be confident the job was done right.

Oxford Construction keeps its people busy, while recycling the material they're hauling away.

And the citizens of Albany win by having this giant hulk of a building disappear.

Now the term 'Heritage House' will become synonymous with a project that finally turned out right...