Noticing more ants inside your home?

Ants are invading homes all around Georgia, partly because of the drought and partly because of recent heavy rain.

In the kitchen in the car, on the desk, these days you'll see ants just about anywhere you go. Sure, they're tiny and in some cases harmless, but chances are, they'll find a way inside and stay as long as they want.

"Ants need to have food and water and they don't have a problem going into your house to get it," said Joey Sims, owner of Sims Pest Control.

When it's hot and dry out, the ant population rises, but the rain causes it to rise too.

"We live in ant territory so to speak so the best thing to do is keep them out for your own safety," Sims said. "We've had people go on vacation and ants are in the cereal boxes on the cabinets

The two most common ants we see in our area are fire ants, and argentine ants, or sugar ants. Fire ants sting but sugar ants don't.

"The normal ant you see in the house is what we call the sugar ants, the normally form lines," said Sims.

And Sims says baits are preferred. That's because the ants will take it back to the colony and share. But if you don't want to go the chemical route, you can try a number you can try out some remedies you'll find in the kitchen cabinet.

Everything from Vinegar to baking soda and borax. "You just sprinkle it on the windowsills or the doors where you see them coming in."

Or you can try a rather unusual remedy, cinnamon. "they will not cross over it. There is something about the smell that makes them run for the hills."

Also, Make sure trash is out of the way, dishes are clean, foods and soft drink cans are not left out, and dog food is protected as well.

Put the dog food in a pan of water, so the ants can't get to the dog food and store your dog and cat food in airtight buckets.

And sometimes the simplest solution is best, like just wiping off the kitchen counter.

Also trim tree branches and shrubs near your house because sometimes ants use them as a way to get inside.

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