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Darton cop recognizes robbery suspect, arrest made

DCP is looking for De'angelo Montrez Wallace DCP is looking for De'angelo Montrez Wallace
Darton Chief James Brackin Darton Chief James Brackin

Tuesday, the Dougherty County Police Department arrested De'angelo Montrez Wallace in connection to the Pitt Stop armed robbery Saturday afternoon at 4:30 on Sylvester Road, after tips poured in following our story.

Darton Police Officer Kizzie Richard recognized Wallace after seeing his mug shot on our web site. "Our officer who was posted in the J building recognized this subject.  And she confirmed his identity from the news story that WALB had done," said Darton College Police Chief James Brackin.

"She called for a Dougherty County Police officer, which there happened to be one on campus here at the bookstore.  He responded, not knowing whether or not this subject was armed.  He called for a back up unit, and Dougherty County police and Darton College police were able to arrest the subject out in the parking lot without incident,"  said Chief Brackin. 

Two masked armed robbers ran into the Pitt Stop Saturday, robbing the convenience store. One man pointed a gun at the clerk, while the other held a bag for the clerk to put money into.

Police are asking your help finding his accomplice, but they also want you to take a look at the man buying a beer in the surveillance video, just one minute before those robbers came in.

Surveillance video shows that man when he leaves the store holding up his hands like he is signaling someone, and just seconds later here come the armed robbers from that same side of the store. Police would like to talk to that man.

Investigators say these two robbers could also be connected to another convenience store robbery just down the street last week.

 "We had one last week at the Fast Lane at 3000 Sylvester Road. There are similarities in both armed robberies, so it's a possibility they could be related," said Dougherty County Police Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick.

A red Chevrolet pickup truck pulled up outside the store just as the robbers ran out the front door, and the gunman points his pistol at the driver in the truck. Police say they have an appointment to talk to that witness.

 "That individual left the scene prior to the police arriving. So if that witness would come forward. And he is a victim also, for the pointing a gun at another. We would like to talk to him also," Kirkpatrick said.

If you can identify any of the people police are looking for, call the Dougherty County Police at 430-6600.

Call Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS and you could receive a cash reward.


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