Viewpoint: Chik-fil-A controversy is misguided

Some news outlets across the country are rushing to label Chik-fil-A president Dan Cathy as a bigot after comments he made about his company's position on "gay marriage."

What Mr. Cathy actually said was that he wants to operate his company on  "Biblical principles," and that includes supporting the quote "Biblical definition of the family unit."

Nowhere did he say he is against homosexuals. Nowhere did he say homosexuals don't deserve rights.

What he did say is Chik-fil-A doesn't claim to be Christian business. But they do operate under biblical principles.

So to label Mr. Cathy as anti-gay is not just unfair, but simply inaccurate.

Consider this: running your business on biblical principles doesn't make you anti-gay. No more than being gay makes you anti-Bible.

I am so tired of seeing good people unfairly demonized in the media because they say something politically incorrect-- yet completely honest.

Most politicians won't answer the "gay marriage" question. And they are treated like royalty.

Yet when a private, hard working citizen is honest about his beliefs and his business practices, he is crucified in the media.

It's simply not right. And you won't see this TV station passing judgement by making assumptions and using inaccurate labels.

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