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Ocilla man uses gun to run off criminals

Robbery was the motive in the home invasion Robbery was the motive in the home invasion
Alonzo Davis and Danielle Johnson Alonzo Davis and Danielle Johnson
The masked men pushed the door in The masked men pushed the door in

We now know a home invader held an infant at gunpoint overnight in Ocilla, but the homeowner fought back.

Seven people were in the home on Lincoln Street when two men kicked in the door.

One of them had a shotgun, but the burglars took off after the homeowner pulled his own a gun.

Now, police need your help to find the men.

It all started with a knock at the door followed by two home invaders kicking in the door demanding money. It was tense situation for the homeowner who also had a gun but had to play it safe while a shotgun was pointed at his infant grandchildren.

It seems almost unthinkable. "scared. I thought he was going to shoot my child and my nephew,"

Danielle Johnson could only watch as a masked home invader held a shotgun to her infant's head. It happened at this Lincoln Street home in Ocilla around 1:30 this morning when two masked men kicked in the door.

"The two babies was asleep in their car seats. He put the shotgun up to them talking about I'll shoot if you don't tell me where the money is," 

Her father Alonzo Davis was in bed with his wife when he heard the commotion. "They kicked our room door open. When he kicked the door I ran in the bathroom with the cell phone and dialed 911,"

Davis says that robber was unarmed. "He looked and turned around and went back out. When he turned around and went out the room, I was able to grab my pistol and cock it," he said.

Davis says this went on for 10 minutes. What the unarmed suspect didn't realize is that he was packing a loaded 9 millimeter pistol.

"When he came in the room, he said 'Give it up! Give it up. He got the gun on your kids.' By that time I raised up and pointed a gun at him and said 'Come get it.' He screamed 'He got a gun!' and turned away a ran," Davis said.

"Right now we don't have any suspects and we're hoping we can get some leads," said Detective Doug Douglas, who says this type of crime is rare in Ocilla.

"We've had one other home invasion in the last two and a half years but never where they actually pointed a gun at a child and demanded money," Douglas said.

Davis owns several cars and a carwash, he thinks that might have been he was targeted. "I've got a carwash, they see the vehicles. But I'm just a working man like everybody else."

Right now his family is on edge but otherwise unharmed. Hopeful the violent intruders will be caught.

Right now police only have a vague description of the suspects. They had scarves covering their faces and dark clothing. One of them was wearing a shirt that said Memorial Weekend.

A $500 reward is being offered by the Ocilla Police Department for information that leads to an arrest.


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