Viewpoint: Sales Tax Holiday

There's good news and bad news when it comes to Georgia's sales tax holiday!

The good news? After over a year off, Georgians will be able to get a tax break on school supplies, computers, and clothes.

The bad news? Many across the state won't be able to get those breaks until AFTER students are back in class already in need of those school supplies.

This year's tax holiday is August 10th and 11th. Many of students including those in Albany and Atlanta went back to school August 6th.

Houston County students have been in class since August 1st.

Retailers report sales of $603 per student.

Fortunately during the tax-free weekend, shoppers can avoid paying the state tax on clothing items under $100; electronics such as computers and accessories; and general school supplies under $20. Every little bit helps!!!

We are all happy for the tax free holiday.

But come on state legislators. Look at a calendar and make the tax free holiday before the students head back to school.