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Family travels 900 miles to visit Luke Bryan's hometown

While a lot of 11 year old girls would chose the beach or Disney world for summer vacation, one little girl from Illinois chose Leesburg, Georgia.

The reason? She's a HUGE Luke Bryan fan and begged her parents to take her to Luke's hometown.

So they packed up the car and drove 900 miles and she got quite a surprise when she got her.

WALB News 10's Stephanie Springer met her today and tells us how it went.

Holley Horrell says she's Luke Bryan's biggest fan. Today she visited some of the spots he sings about in his songs like the Flint River and the Muckalee Creek. She even got to meet Luke's parents.

11-year old Holly Horrell says she's Luke Bryan's biggest fan. "I watch LBTV every week, I watch the videos over and over again and I have tons of pictures," she said.

She can tell you just about anything you'd want to know about him. "He has two Broncos, a black and a yellow one and a black truck," she said. 

She's already met him so this year she wanted to visit his hometown. "I've always dreamed of coming here and seeing where he grew up," she said.

Thursday, her dream came true. She and her family packed up the car and drove 900 miles from Illinois. "Last year we went to Minnesota, the year before we went to Disney and this tops Disney," she said.

She and her family got an unexpected surprise when officials at city hall contacted Luke's parents. "I've never had anyone do like Holly's done she has hit the top of the chart," said Luke's mom LaClair. 

His Dad took the family on a tour of Leesburg. First stop on the list? The Muckalee creek and Flint River. "I went and put my feet in the water because he sings about it," she said.

And Luke's mom, LaClair, met the family for lunch

It was a long trip but a worthwhile one. Her dad says they plan to leave tomorrow but says she would move to Leesburg if she could.

The family also stopped in Nashville just in case they

The city of Leesburg was more than happy to accommodate the family. Having a hometown country superstar is, after all, a great marketing tool.







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