Chicken sandwiches more popular than ever

Thousands of South Georgians showed their support for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, by buying food at Chik-fil-A Wednesday.

From early morning until late evening people stood and drove in long lines to buy food at the Chik-fil-A drive thru on Dawson Road.

It's all to show support for the chain's president, Dan Cathy, who has voiced support for traditional Biblical standards of marriage between a man and a woman. Some gay rights groups have called for boycotts of Chik-fil-A, and mayors of some major cities have said they will lock the chain out.

Many South Georgians say that's not right. "I came to support those wonderful words, people standing for what's right," said Cora Hawkins.

Chik-fil-A officials say they appreciate the support, but in the future will leave the policy debate over same sex marriage to the government and the political arena.

Some gay rights groups are calling for people Friday to kiss same sex persons in front of Chik-fil-A.

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