Viewpoint: Cop's driving brings lawsuit against city

It was bound to happen. Two Albany families injured in June when their truck was broadsided by an Albany Police SUV have hired a lawyer.

It's not a matter of IF they will get money from the city, it's a question of how much.

A recent WALB News 10 investigation uncovered facts that will be impossible for jurors to ignore.

Since being hired in 1998, Gary Price has wrecked six police vehicles. Two of those crashes were not his fault, the rest were.

He initiated three high speed chases that resulted in three crashes and two deaths.

The city and county settled a lawsuit against him for more than a half million dollars.

In his most recent crash, Price sped through a red light in a police SUV and broadsided a pickup truck. Seven people were hurt.

This officer repeatedly demonstrates bad judgment, but he's still on the city payroll.

His actions reflect poorly on city leaders and once again, his actions will cost taxpayers.