Beware of medicare card fraud

A warning for senior citizens, scammers are targeting Medicare recipients. These scammers are calling unsuspecting folks and asking for personal information.

They claim its part of the affordable care act, but it is not. If you're not careful, and don't recognize the warning signs you could be the next victim

Nearly 50 million Americans depend on Medicare for their health security. But unfortunately, the money that seniors and those with disabilities depend on for their health care, is being stolen by scammers.

"Medicare will never call you, Medicare will never knock on your door," said Brian Ramey, Director of GeorgiaCares.

Brian Ramey, the coordinator for the Georgia Cares Program, is warning folks to beware of these scammers. He says just recently a caller with a foreign accent contacted a woman in Albany and asked for her personal Medicare information.

"She was calling stating that she was associated with the affordable care act, she was trying to solicit senior beneficiaries in giving information so that their status can be updated," said Ramey.

But when the caller asked for her bank account number, she recognized it was a scam and called to report it.

"The person asked for her personal address, information verifying her as a Medicare recipient the name of her bank and also for her bank account number," said Ramey.

According to the FTC, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the health care law was made, these scam calls began nationwide. Scammers are calling folks and claiming to be from the government.

They tell victims that under the new health care law, they are required to verify or update personal information.

Do not share any information from any person, who has not identified themselves properly.

Officials say treat your Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Card like a credit card, don't carry your card if you don't need it and record all doctors visits and tests.

Check your Medicare Claims and remember Medicare will never contact you by phone or in person for this private information.

If you think that you have been targeted for a scam, contact Georgia Cares at 1-866-552-4464 for information on how to report it.

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