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Woman helps nab wanted rapist


A Moultrie woman says she will never help another stranger again after learning the man she helped last Friday, was not only driving a stolen car, but was wanted on rape charges.

Leatha Barge thought she was lending a helping hand to stranger, but she had no idea just how dangerous that stranger was.

"I was hanging clothes right here, and he was about right here when I saw him approaching me," says Barge.

Willie Nard Grant asked her for a glass of water and to use her phone to call a mechanic. But without any money, he couldn't find anyone to fix his car. That's when he asked to use her phone one more time.

"He said, 'miss, let me hold your phone,' I said who do you want to call, and he said, 'I want to call the police,' and I said if you call the police they are going to think you stole that car," says Barge.

Little did Barge know, the car was stolen, which is what he told the police on the phone.

"And he wanted them to come and pick him up because he said, 'I am tired of riding, I have been riding all night long,' he said, 'I want them to come pick me up' I said woo at least your honest," says Barge. 

And not only had Grant stolen the car in Pelham, he attacked another woman in Colquitt County before showing up at Barge's house. He was also wanted on rape charges in Mitchell County.

"He could have done anything, he could have killed us, anything just like he broke in on the other lady handing him water, he could have did me the same way," says Barge.

Barge says she is blessed for things to have turned out like they did.

"But I know one thing, I will never help a stranger anymore," says Barge.

Grant is in the Colquitt County Jail facing a list of charges including aggravated assault on a person 65-years and older. This, to go along with a rape charge he'll face in Mitchell County.

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