Viewpoint: C of C supports T-SPLOST

This is a Guest Editorial from Deborah Bowie of the Albany Chamber of Commerce

Southwest Georgia has a transportation problem. But it's not the kind of problem many of us think about when hear the word transportation.

Our problems are unique to SW Georgia - many of our roads are unsafe, many of our roads don't take us where we need to go, and in some communities, our roads are simply impassable.

Those would be problems all on their own, but in SW Georgia, roads mean more than what you just drive on. Roads connect communities, many of them rural communities where people who work right here in Albany live. Roads are vital to the survival of our Marine Base that employs more than 450 Marines and 4,500 civilian employees.

Every day, hundreds travel the roads in SW Georgia to get quality healthcare at Phoebe Putney hospital. Local farmers rely on our roads to move their product, and our manufacturers need good roads to compete and remain in business.

Over the years, SW Georgia - like the rest of the state - has struggled to get the funding it needs to fix its roads problem. In the past, we have been forced to rely on politicians in Atlanta and Washington to make our transportation decisions for us.

On July 31st, we get to change that. The referendum called TSPLOST is your chance to vote on a penny sales tax to fix SW Georgia's roads. Every penny raised in our region will stay in the region. For the first time, your money won't be sent off to Atlanta to be wasted, and you will have a say on how the money is spent.

More than $500 million dollars in roads projects over the next 10 years… and 15-thousand new jobs to go with it.

When you vote next week, vote as it our future depends on it. Vote YES for the TSPLOST.