Viewpoint: Title I mishandled?

Until now, the adults in charge of the Dougherty County School System might have argued that the numerous problems they have caused haven't directly hurt the students.

While we don't think that's true, it's certainly not a claim they can make anymore.

Their latest foul-up could cost the system millions of dollars in federal money designed to help low-income students.

Last week, the state froze all Title One grant money, the latest in a long series of Dougherty County School System embarrassments.  The state is investigating how the system is spending the grant money after some of it apparently was misspent.

The system like will have to repay more than 100-thousand dollars.  Until the system provides paperwork to justify its spending and the state reviews it… all the money is on hold.

At least publicly, there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency from administrators and school board members to make sure the money is unfrozen.  We can only hope they're working behind the scenes to fix the problems and get the money back.

Otherwise, the children will suffer, and that is something our community should not accept.