Viewpoint: Why so many school system problems?

The Dougherty County School system will possibly have to repay the state more than $100,000 in misspent federal grant money.

The most serious issue is a contract worth more than $90,000 to Darrell Sabbs and Associates to run a Saturday Academy.

Director of Federal Programs Dr. Betty Graper approved it in clear violation of school system policy then refused to cooperate with the system attorney's investigation.

This comes of the heels of the CRCT cheating scandal; arrests for falsifying school free lunch applications and complaints from the state that school administrators won't even provide paperwork to documents how Title One money is spent.

All these issues cast serious doubt on whether the current administration is equipped to lead the system.

This is what happens when you select the 34th most qualified candidate for the superintendent's job.

Hopefully, this school board will now take steps to correct their mistake and put a school administration team in place that can move our system forward and stop embarrassing the people of Dougherty County.