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Florida legislature pushes pill mills to Georgia


Prescription Pills are made to treat pain and illnesses, but abusers use them to get high.  On the streets these pills are worth more than $2 a milligram.

Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry says" ADDU is seeing a tremendous increase in pain pill abuse, and forged prescriptions."  

Representative Winfred Dukes says,"In many counties in the state of Georgia they see this as their number one drug problem in their community." 

And a neighboring state's new law to prevent prescription pill abuse is making those number rise.

Dukes says,  "Florida Legislature ended up passing a comprehensive bill to address the pill mill industry and the next logical place will be Georgia."

Berry says, "We have had people coming up from some of the larger cities in Florida." 

The Florida law creates a prescription monitoring system that tracks the activity between doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical providers. But ADDU has found that even Physicians are part of the problem, giving out pills like candy.

Berry says, "Here we have several counties in this state that have pain clinics."

Representative Winfred Dukes says the lawmakers need to do something about the problem.

Dukes says, "It is something that the General Assembly have to address, with Georgia being only one of seven states that does not have a comprehensive monitoring program."

He says without a new law, Georgia could become a land of opportunity for pill pushers.

Dukes says, "It is going to make Georgia become perhaps more enticing for these people that are going to set up this type of operation."

Pushing more of this abuse into our streets.

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