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Why would someone steal a disabled man's wheelchair?

You've heard of thieves stealing, money, cars and clothes. But have you ever heard of someone stealing a wheel chair?

That's what happened to A 19-year-old Albany man. Baze Mitchell has gone through a lot and even though a thief stole his wheels, they could not stop his motion.

He walks a mile a day between classes just to get an education.  

Two crutches and one step at a time is how 19-year-old Baze Mitchell gets around now. It's all because someone stole his set of wheels.

"We checked with all the neighborhood kids to make sure they didn't take it. I think it's pretty much gone at this point. Maybe even pawned for money," said Baze Mitchell.

One cold-hearted crook hit an all time low. What should not have happened took place back in early June. Someone stole his electric wheel chair right off the front porch.

"I was pretty shocked," said Baze Mitchell.

"Some people say that's just Albany and maybe it is, but it shouldn't be," said his father Bill Mitchell. 

 His son has Cerebral Palsy and used the chair to get around campus at Darton. "It just seems like something you shouldn't be stealing," said Bill Mitchell.

"It was pretty inconvenient to have to get around Darton on canes in the heat," said Baze Mitchell.

The family is not asking for money but offering prayer.  "I would just want to pray for him. Make sure if he did it for the wrong reasons, then he learns from his mistake. Or if he did it because he really needed it, I guess there was some good that came out of it," said Baze Mitchell.

Thanks to a thief, it now takes him longer to get to class. But no matter how long the road, he plans to get there one step, one crutch at a time.

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