Convenience store window smashed

Location: 224 Johnson road time: 02:29 burglary 2nd degree, (criminal attempt) time frame: 07-12-12, at 02:15 hrs. Victim: spee-go convenience store suspect(s): 1. An unknown black male, wearing dark colored pants, a white shirt, a gray hoodie jacket, white gloves, with a scarf coving his face attempted point of entry: the front entrance & exit plate glass door.

attempted forced entry: yes, the suspect tried to bust/break out the plate glass window with a rock. Stolen property: none Officers responded to 224 Johnson Road (Spee-Go Convenience Store), in reference to an activated alarm. Upon their arrival they observed that the east side entrance & exit door had been busted out.

Mr. Patel, (The business owner), was contacted and responded to the scene. The business was checked and no signs of entry into the business were discovered. This case will be forwarded to the detectives' bureau.