Viewpoint: ASU, DW create progress in Albany

The recent announcement that Albany State University,  a historically black college, and Deerfield Windsor, a college-prep private school, signed an agreement to offer Deerfield students college credits, probably took many by surprise!

Starting this fall, Deerfield students can take classes and receive college credit from ASU.  The agreement allows parents of Deerfield seniors to shave off some costs of college.

ASU's President and Deerfield's Headmaster called this a historic signing event.

"It benefits everybody.  If I'm a parent and I've got a student at Deerfield-Windsor and I'm looking at four years of college and I can shave off some of the cost by having my student who is college ready and college focused take those courses at Deerfield-Windsor before they even come to Albany State- that is a huge economic advantage and a huge educational advantage,"

"I think the importance of this is it allows us to keep our top students on our campus, with our teachers and program, and at the same time get the validation of college credit,".

Teachers have to be certified to be adjunct ASU faculty members. So far English literature and calculus are two classes that will be taught at the college level. But educators plan to expand.

The agreement shows our community continues to make progress on so many levels...economically, educationally, and racially!  Our hats are off to these two institutions on their work to build an important bridge in our community!