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UPDATE: Blackshear Retreat surveillance video released


We have surveillance video of a violent robbery in Crisp County.

Crisp County Investigators released the video a few hours ago, showing two men rushing the desk at the Retreat at Lake Blackshear Tuesday and attacked the clerk.

Investigators need your help identifying two men who ran into the hotel, hit the female clerk several times, and stole cash from the register before running out. They are hoping this surveillance video will lead to arrests.

Take a look at this surveillance video. It shows the terrifying scene of a violent robbery unfolding at The Retreat at Lake Blackshear.

Around 1:15 Tuesday morning, two men rushed clerk Brittany Garland, hit her several times and stole money from the register.

"She was banged up some, I think they hit her several times and roughed her up when they came in, and she was very fortunate," says Sheriff Donnie HaralsonCrisp County.

Watch as two men, wearing disguises, corner Garland in the back office before stealing about 200 dollars out of the register.

"When they started to leave they tore the phones off the wall, and did that damage also, I guess their intentions were so she could not call anybody," says Haralson.

You can see the phones in one of the robbers hands as he runs out of the hotel. Security had just turned in for the night, leading officials to consider the possibility that the robbers work at the hotel.

"They happen to come in on those certain times, that could be a hint that something on the inside was going on," says Haralson.

An auxiliary deputy was staying at the hotel for a few days because of heightened activities over the holiday period.

"He was there, he had just gone to his room, to go to sleep, so the robbers were very lucky," says Haralson.

Investigators are hoping this video will lead to arrests. "Hopefully that will help us and people will come forward, and that is the good thing about video and photos, if people will come forward and help us, it makes our job a lot easier," says Haralson.

The robbers are black. One wore a hoodie that read Georgia 88. The other wore shorts, a dark shirt and a stocking over his face.

The clerk was treated on the scene and investigators say she was shaken up but is doing fine.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Crisp County Sheriff's office at 229-276-2600.

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