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Atkinson County Commissioner arrested on terroristic threats


An Atkinson County Commissioner is charged with threatening the board of elections chairman.

Commissioner Dwain McClellan was arrested last Tuesday, accused of threatening to kill Pearson attorney Shea Browning. And this whole fight may have been fueled by an on line message board.

Shea Browning says he was minding his own business at the board of elections office when McClellan approached him. Words were exchanged and he says McClellan threatened his life.

Shea Browning says Commissioner Dwain McClellan has harassed him for years.

"I literally do all I can to avoid him but he finds me," says Shea Browning\Atkinson County Board of Elections Chairman.

Browning says the harassment started in 2004, when he represented someone McClellan did not like. But McClellan's campaign manager says the problem started with a web site that Browning administers.

"It all kind of started with ATCO Chatter and there is a lot of gossip on there that is not true and Shea started ATCO Chatter," says Debbie Brantley\Dwain McClellan's Campaign Manager.

Browning says on Friday, June 22nd, McClellan showed up at the elections office requesting records. But when Browning told him he had to file an opens record request, he says McClellan became irate.

"He just literally comes right up in my face, it is usually a finger, but this time it was just a whole different ball game, I could just see it, he just looked different," says Browning.

Browning says Commissioner McClellan was with his adult son at the time and they both threatened him.

"Physically threatened, that if I didn't stop talking about him on the Internet, 'I would not live to regret it,' was the phrase he used," says Browning.

Browning called the police and McClellan was taken to the Pearson Police station for questioning and was released. But four days later, McClellan was arrested and charged with Felony Terroristic Threats.

Browning says he filed a temporary stalking protective orders against the McClellan and his son, but the Superior Court judges in the Alapaha Judicial Circuit did not sign them and recused themselves from hearing the petitions at all.

"I firmly believe it is because of who is involved, he is an elected officials, he has been in office for ten years, he is running again this year," says Browning.

Browning says McClellan's reelection is up to the voters, he just wants the harassment and intimidation to stop.

We tried to contact Dwain McClellan but his attorney advised him not to comment on the story. As apart of his bond conditions, Commissioner McClellan cannot go near Browning. Browning is waiting for a hearing date for his two restraining orders.

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