Viewpoint: A second chance to graduate

Graduation is an important milestone in the life of anyone, but even more so for a group of south Georgians who recently earned their high school diplomas.

This month, the Millennium Second Chance Educational Center held three graduation ceremonies for students at its facilities in Worth and Mitchell Counties.

The center helps people who have the odds stacked against them earn a diploma. It also prepares them to go on to college, the military, or to enter the workforce.

To qualify for the program, students must be 16 to 21 years old, and they must either be homeless, deficient in literacy skills, or a dropout. It's a true second chance for people whose future otherwise would be extremely bleak.

This summer, 98 students earned their diplomas. We congratulate them for their perseverance. And to the people working hard to make Millennium Second Chance successful, we say thank you. What you're doing is good for those individual students and good for south Georgia.