Viewpoint: Know where to vote, and VOTE!

Have you gotten one of those yellow cards in the mail recently?  It's an updated voter registration precinct card.

You need to pay attention to it. It tells you where you'll vote on July 31st.

And there are many candidates to pick from. In Lowndes County, three people want to be the coroner, and four people want the same county commission seat.

In Wilcox and Worth Counties, five people want to the next sheriff.

That yellow card also shows you what local, state, and Congressional districts you're in. That could have changed based on recent redistricting.

Dougherty County Elections Supervisor said, "The Secretary of State sent out yellow identification cards to all of our voters informing them of their changes, if there were any changes. If not, it's just an updated information card for their information only. It tells them the precinct they vote at and also some of their representatives."

If your address has changed, fill out your new address on the card and mail it back in. Otherwise, keep that yellow registration precinct card for your records.

And be an informed voter!