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Bringing the community to Bible School

An Albany church is bringing something new to the old idea of Vacation Bible School.

They're inviting community servants to talk to kids about how they make our community better and to help steer the children away from danger.

Every night of the week, River Road Church of Christ is bringing in different protection agencies so kids will learn about what they see on the streets. Monday, the Albany Fire Department was there.

These kids are learning how to stay on track. Their Bible School thought the best way to do that was to connect them with community servants. Monday, they jumped into the lives of firefighters.

"It had a lot of stuff," said 2nd grader Carl Garrett. "It had some stuff that was kind of dangerous."

It is a way that students can be connected to their community and stay safe if a tragedy happens. 

Devin Williams-11th grader- "I guess it is good for us to get more information on safety and fire drills, so we will know stuff to do," 11th grader Devin Williams said.

Many of the kids now understand why the red lights go by so fast. 

"They have to hurry to get to the house on fire," said 2nd grader Brooke Thrasher.

Some of the students are taking this as an opportunity to show others the importance of making good decisions in life.

"So we could spread the word to other young people who were not allowed to come," said 9th grader Qua'nevia Bridges. "We can tell them about their community and tell them what happens if they do wrong things."

The church's Bible School organizer says it is important to bring some of the city's most impactful workers to the kids.

"We just want to expose them to some of our public servants to let them see that the firefighters are friendly," said Antron Patton. "They are here to serve our community. I always like to bring in an element of community service when we do any kind of community outreach."

The church says kids must learn how to stay on the right track in a troubled world. The lessons from firefighters and law enforcement can help them do it.

Organizers say it is important to expose kids to the realities of some of the troubles in the community. They want show them how to avoid it and help others. 
Tuesday, Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit agents will speak to young people at River Road Church of Christ.

Wednesday night, they'll welcome the gang task force.

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