SS test 2

Getting ready for a big weekend The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program prepares everyday people to help themselves, their family, their neighbors and their communities in the event of a disaster or emergency. Bobby Spencer..Capt with lee county fire department Pulled out some strange things..but this is more of a hazard. And there is no telling just how many nails they will find. 14:02:14 we wont really know until Saturday when we get in there and pull them out. @ 14:04:27 my first thought was how many people are going to get hurt between now and then But they also have to worry about there own safety as well. @@ Various local businesses are lending magentas.. @@ 14:03:26 they have the capability of picking up about 450 pounds And the department of natural resources lended a dredge. @@ They work hard at keeping clean 14:04:44 we do a whole lot to clean the creek and remove debris so that people can enjoy our waterway Everyone that will be there saturday..are volunteers. 14:05:27 these guys are willing to sacrifice their time to put the creek back into the condition so folks can enjoy the water @@@@ Contacted the EPD..and the Army corp of engingers. @@