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Is voter form legit?



If you get a voter registration form in the mail from organizations other than the state, it could still be legitimate. 

The Secretary of State's office confirmed to us Friday that they are aware of the Voter Participation Center's efforts to get more voters registered. 

This month, the Washington-based non-profit organization sent more than 90,000 forms to unregistered voters in Georgia. 

They say if you mail the form back in, it goes directly to your county election office.

"We help unregistered individuals get registered," said Voter Participation Center President/CEO Page Gardner. "The applications go directly to the appropriate election officials. We never touch an application or have anything to do with processing any applications."

The Secretary of State's office confirmed to us that the Voter Participation Center's form is a legitimate voter registration form. 

That organization says there are two and a half million eligible Georgians who are not registered to vote.


With elections only a month a way, election officials in Georgia are keeping an eye on registration information.

Some Georgians are getting voter forms in the mail that caught the attention of a South Georgia voter Registrar.

"We initially came across this," said Ben Hill elections supervisor Cindi Dunlap. "We looked at it and realized it is not from the state, nor from a local elections office. So, we started questioning where they are coming from and where the information is going to."

They are coming from the Voter Participation Center. It is a non-profit group who is trying to get more voters registered. 

Page Gardner, founder of the Voter Participation Center says, "Voter registration applications sent to unregistered Georgians by the Voter Participation Center (VPC) were official state forms which were included in a mail package approved by the Georgia Secretary of States Office. 

The VPC ,which has been mailing registration applications to Georgia voters since 2006 and has helped register numerous Georgians to vote, worked with Kristen Riley, the Voter Services Manager at the Georgia Secretary of State to finalize the state form before it was sent.

It is misleading for any election official to assert that these forms-which use the Georgia voter registration form-- are anything but legitimate. When completed they will help millions of Georgians register to voter. "

The Voter Registration Project has helped register more than one million voters nationally since the non-profit was founded in 2004 .


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