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Cruel intentions behind nail dumping on Kinchafoonee

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Outrage continues over those roofing nails, hundreds of them, dumped into a popular Lee County swimming hole.

Code Enforcement says it will be difficult to track down who dumped the nails in the blue hole on the Kinchafoonee Creek but their intentions were clear.

"Those nails were put in the creek to hurt somebody," said Lee County Code Enforcement Director Jim Wright.

Thankfully that hasn't been the case. But it's a case Wright is investigating along the popular stretch of the Kinchafoonee.

"This is the area that's commonly used among boaters and swimmers who come out on weekends and the afternoon," said Wright who has a large jar on his desk containing a collection of hundreds of sharp nails covered in soft creek sand.

Now the blue hole has a warning sign posted. It's closed off to swimmers until a dive team can come in Saturday and use magnets to clean up any existing nails.

Residents, and those who use the blue hole, have spent their afternoons doing their own cleanup effort.

"The county allows us to go out there and have a good time and we want to take care of where we play," said Chris Arellano.

A fisherman made the discovery over the weekend. In all, hundreds of nails, an entire bucket full, have been recovered by volunteers.

"That's almost unbelievable really," said Arellano.

Wright and a Lee County Sheriff's deputy visited the Blue Hole Wednesday. While it's known as a place of family fun there have been a few incidents there he says may have attributed to the dumping.

"I understand there's been some fighting down there and some arguing, among other questionable activity. It's possible this is some retaliation from one group to another," Wright said.

Proving that will be difficult. Right now removing the nails is priority number one.

Responding to speculation and accusations that have been generated after the story broke, Wright doesn't think a roofer, nor anyone having work done in the area, would have dumped the nails simply because they would need to use them.

If you have any helpful information, you're asked to call Lee County Code Enforcement, the Sheriff's Office, or DNR.

Lee County Community Emergency Response Team divers will be at the Blue Hole Saturday to clean up. They'll be assisted by a professional roofer who will use a magnet to help them obtain any existing nails.

Lee County Code Enforcement is looking for volunteers for next month's River Alive Cleanup.

The event will take place Saturday July 14th.

Businesses and organization are encouraged to participate. If you sing up before June 29th you will get a free T-shirt.

For information contact Lesley at 759-2413.


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