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The top ten worst Father's Day gifts ever

Shoppers are expected to spend more than 12 billion dollars on Father's Day weekend. The National Retail Federation says this year's spending should almost reach that of Mother's Day. took a survey from dad's and came up with the top ten worst Father's Day gifts. @ Number ten on the list is novelty clothing like wacky ties and socks. He'll smile but secretly hate it.

Number Nine stay away from things that say The world's best dad. If you're thinking of buying him a barbeque apron, don't.

Two things dad's hate, as Father's day gifts, are car seat covers and engine oil. Please do not give him something you bought for yourself. No re-gifting allowed.

Stay away from buying dad hygiene products, like noise hair trimmers or hair color. Basically, put some thought behind the gift. If you can't think of anything he would like, a gift card or cash is an easy way out. @

Click here for a full list of what not to buy dad.

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