Viewpoint: Let's appreciate the ultimate sacrifice

Far too often, we get caught up in our own little worlds. Our work, our families, our bills, in other words, ourselves.

We don't take the time to pause do many things we should do.

But Wednesday, Thousands of south Georgians did a good thing, turned out and paused to honor a true American Hero. Lance Corporal Stephen Sutton gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

The terrible loss of this young Marine serves as a reminder that our troops are in harms way every day. They are there for our us, for the people of South Georgia and all the people of the United States.

We praise those who entertain us with their great musical talents. We are amazed by the athletic ability of those who compete in sports.

But the highest praise and honor goes to those who protect us. We honor Corporal Sutton and we are proud that South Georgians turned out to honor his life this week.