Does Swamp Gator repellent really keep gnats away?

South Georgians have tried for generations to find a way to get rid of those annoying gnats that bombard us every summer.

Does a new product do the trick?

An Alpharetta company promises their product will keep mosquitoes, ticks and even those dreaded gnats off of you.

The spray is called Swamp Gator and we put it to the test today. You may be surprised with the results

McKay Melton and his 6-year-old daughter Lindsay are enjoying a day at Riverfront Park flying their kite, or at least trying to, but all that running around makes them a prime target for those pesky gnats.

"We worked up a sweat and now the gnats are bothering us," said Melton.

And Lindsay is not too fond of gnats, using every ounce of her strength to fight them off.

"They don't feel good. They don't feel very comfortable," said Lindsay.

So we decided to put the Swamp Gator repellant to the test. Dad sprayed down Lindsay and let her play on the playground for 10 minutes.

After running around having a good time the verdict is in.

"They're not on me or anything," said Lindsay

"So the spray works?" I asked

"Yes!" replied Lindsay

When asked would she recommend it to others, she replied, "Yes!"

She even told dad that this stuff really works.

"Does dad need to go buy some Swamp Gator?" asked Melton. "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" screamed Lindsay.

So what makes Swamp Gator different from other products on the market that promise to keep gnats away?

"Swamp Gator offers a natural alternative to products that contain deet. Using all natural plant oils, this product is very effective against biting flies, gnats, mosquitoes and ticks," said Swamp Gator Spokesperson Jim Maxon.

It's safe to say this one product that is kid tested and parent approved.

You can buy Swamp Gator at your local hardware and drug store, it costs about seven dollars a bottle.

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