Small town voters to decide on alcohol issue

The city of Pavo, which more or less straddles Brooks and Thomas Counties, has always been a dry town, but an upcoming referendum may change that.

The city council voted last week to put a referendum on the upcoming ballot, asking voters if they would allow the sale of beer of wine within the city limits.

WALB's Stephen Abel is going to Pavo to get both sides of the issue.

Jim Wallace hopes to talk to the family of the Lee County Marine who was killed in Afghanistan. We will ask about funeral arrangements. Some businesses are flying flags at half staff in his honor.

Jennifer Emert is at the School Board meeting today. We hope to find out the status of teachers who were not offered contracts for next year, and what the board is doing to cut several million dollars in expenses.

Ashton Pellom talks to a Georgia inventor today. He is the man who developed a bug repellent from natural ingredients. Folks tell us that 'Swamp Gator' really does the job!

The Braves ended their losing streak last night... Robert Hydrick tells us about the rest of the sports world at 6:00 & 7:00.

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