Downtown Albany holds voting party for Phillip Philips

Fans were gathering before 6PM at the civic center
Fans were gathering before 6PM at the civic center

It's Super Tuesday of a different sort as America votes tonight to pick the next American Idol.

Will it be southern California's Jessica Sanchez. Or south Georgia's Phillip Phillips?

Phillip certainly has a lot of support here.  You'll see more yard signs supporting him than most candidates running for political office.

You can show your support at a big viewing and voting party tonight in downtown Albany.

They can put 10,000 in here tonight comfortably some may be hesitant to be far from their land line or computer where they'll be voting for two hours after the show.

There's no question, most of south Georgia is on Team Phillip headed into tonight's American Idol finale.  The Leesburg native has captured the heart of the region, and people are snapping up everything Phillip Phillips including the new posters at The Dog Spot.

"They're excited about Phillip Phillips tonight and they want either the T-shirts or the posters or whatever we've got they want it," said Liz Sechrist, The Dog Spot.

They're planning to order about a thousand and pre-orders are stacking up. They're almost as hard to find as yard signs,that are competing with campaign signs and winning. Some even want Phillips for President?

"Vote Phillip for President is something that definitely gets your attention," said Ramsey, Heldenburg's Automotive.

That's what he'll need attention from the nation to win this campaign.  He's certainly the cat's meow and appears top dog at least in Leesburg.

"That's why we put up there woof, woof, Go Phillip Phillips because the dogs show support for him too," said Sechrist.

Still most in south Georgia are confident, the Leesburg man who just three years ago sang at his high school graduation will go all the way.

"He's such a good ambassador for the city, with Phillip as well as Luke Bryan, as well from Lee County as well as Buster Posey and even Dallas Davis from our neighboring county Dougherty County I mean just great ambassadors for the south and for the city," said Dr. David Wren, Chiropractor.

Which is why those who watch and are cheering him on are encouraging friends who don't, to cast a vote for Phillips, all in hopes of making him the next American Idol.

The party here at the Civic center will end at 10:00 in hopes that everyone will go home and vote or start voting on their cell phone before they leave.

Voting is open two hours after the show ends.  You can vote an unlimited number of times by phone. You can only vote 50 times online.

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