Phillip Phillips heading to the finale

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - All those Phillip Phillip votes paid off and as he heads into the finale, we've got to get ready to vote some more and next week, it's a day earlier than usual.

90,000,000 votes were cast Wednesday night for the final three contestants 20,000,000 more than last week.

Phillips was one of the top vote getters and will compete Tuesday night for the title. Last night, the cheers here were pretty loud when Phillips name was announced but not as loud as they were in Leesburg, take a look.

There were stunned faces at the Phillips household when Jessica Sanchez was first to go through to the finals, and as Joshua and Phillip clung waiting, Phillip's family erupted when they heard his name. Those screams mean a long week ahead for Advertising With Lisa who's printing Vote Phillip shirts.

"It's been crazy mad, it's been incredibly busy," said Lisa Garcia, Advertising With Lisa.

The screen printer has been printing shirts since the Top 13 were named and have worked late to meet the demand.

"Maybe about 4,000 altogether," Garcia

They've raided their closet to the point it's empty, with no additional inventory and borrowed from other orders, like Girls Inc, who should have these green shirts.

"We've been borrowing shirts from other orders and replacing those in order to get the Phillip Phillips done," said Garcia.

Now there are car stickers available at Java The Hut with a dollar going to the family and a dollar to the Lee County Drama program.  Voters young and old are poised to vote Tuesday night.

"We love that he's from Leesburg.  I've been a big fan of him ever since I saw him on TV," said Dailyn Fretwell, Phillips Fan.

Whether or not Phillips wins it will likely mean another Lee County concert, eventually.

"It's sort of a coming home concert, I'm not sure of the details, maybe jump start a tour for him personally," said Lisa Davis, Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

But not for another 6 months, until then, new shirts may be in order, Advertising With Lisa will lose the Vote Phillip.

"The guitar has almost become his signature so I'm sure we'll incorporate that, but I'm going to keep that a secret," said Davis.

They're working on two new designs, that will be available as early as next week.

They expect to start printing winning shirts before the program finishes Tuesday night, to have ready for Wednesday and they tell me that's not bad luck.

Now remember the schedule changes next week.

The final performance show will air Tuesday night instead of Wednesday.

The results will be announced Wednesday night.

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