Businesses gear up for Phillips' Mania

Phillip Phillips fever is running hot throughout the city as businesses he visits gear up for the big nights when he performs. That includes, believe it or not Enchanted Nails on Leary Road. 
Stacy Nguyen says, "He comes in with his mom, dad, and his two sisters." 
As the family comes in for their routine pampering Phillip has a specific pedicure that he must have.
Nguyen says, "He comes in here and get the mango pedicure." 
Store owner Nguyen says that she is the only one allowed to pamper the American Idol star.
Nguyen says, "Yeah I told my sister that she couldn't touch Phillip that he is mine"
Yet she feels so honored to have him represent our area.
Nguyen says, "Its an honor to have Phillip Phillips, He is such a great guy so down to earth  he is like our hometown celebrity."
And across town at Phillip's favorite restaurant El Maya, fans are rooting for Phillip.
Owner Tony Diaz says it was surreal seeing Phillip come back to the restaurant Saturday.
Diaz says, "When he came it was pretty neat, he had his whole entourage with him, and he was just like he always is, really humble and quiet." 
And a debut of Phillip's new dish on the menu.
Diaz says,"I asked him when he was here is it ok if I can name it after him and he said it was ok so a half order of chicken nachos without veggies is now the Phillip Phillips special."
And with pandemonium outside to greet him
Diaz says,"Probably by the time he left there was a crowd of about 500 people waiting from him.'
Yet with all the buzz and excitement the family business remains grateful
Diaz says,"My dad and my family has been here over 21 years and we are just really appreciative of what he has done for us."
As we all continue to root on our hometown American Idol.

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