Phillips puts spotlight on South Georgia

Four year old Gage Williams
Four year old Gage Williams
Phillips was the guest of honor at a parade
Phillips was the guest of honor at a parade
Jodie Kretzer shot a video of Phillip Phillips' Hometown
Jodie Kretzer shot a video of Phillip Phillips' Hometown

Tonight you'll get to see Phillip Phillips perform and you'll see this past weekend's homecoming celebration.

That quick visit, which included a concert Saturday, will be shown on tonight's show as Phillip tries to sing himself into next week's finale.

It's safe to say Lee County and south Georgia have flipped for Phillip Phillips. Businesses like U Save It have his name plastered on their windows and marquees and those who met him this past weekend could be stars themselves tonight.

When Jodie Kretzer put his video of Phillip Phillips Hometown visit on YouTube he never imagined it would get a thousand views in 24 hours.

"I got a lot of family out of town, who work and they're big Phillip fans and they weren't able to watch any of it, so I did this as a kind of behind the scenes, you know look what you all are missing out."

Let alone the show's producers would call, wanting to use it on the show. "It was the segment producer for American Idol and she was super nice and basically said her producer was just browsing through YouTube looking at some hometown footage and saw it and told her she had to have it," Kretzer said.

Kretzer uploaded the video and signed over the copyright. He'll be watching for his footage on tonight's show.

"Phillip is pushing his way through the crowd and the American Idol cameraman is right on his face and I'm right behind his shoulder so I'm kind of like a good third person aspect and they loved that."

Four year old Gage Williams will be up past his bedtime to see if his favorite Idol makes the finale.

"He signed my guitar," he said.

Phillips chose as part of the visit to stop by Phoebe's Pediatric unit. Both Gage and Phillip were preemies who struggled with digestive issues. When his idol's on TV Gage is singing along and likes it best when Phillip plays his guitar.

He's also got fans at Robert Cross Middle School. Katrina Crenshaw was surprised during her three day hospital stay.

"He was nice and he held all of the children so I thought that was nice of him," Katrina Crenshaw said.

Her autographed picture has been a huge hit. "They were passing it around the classroom and showing everybody," Crenshaw said.

Soon they could be asking for another autograph. "Today when they found out I was going to be on TV they were asking for my autograph."

If the national spotlight shines on all three tonight as millions watch.

The trip to the pediatric unit was kept a huge secret because to the amount of children wanting to meet the star.

Other areas you might spot on tonight's show are El Maya restaurant on Old Dawson Road and the Phillips family pawn shop in East Albany.

The parade and concert will also be shown, and don't forget to vote for Phillip.

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