Phillips T-Shirts Shipped to Waiting Fans

Another batch of Phillip Phillips T-shirts are ready for delivery in Lee County.

Wednesday the owners at Java The Hut packaged up nearly 30 shirts to ship to people who were in town over the weekend but couldn't get a shirt because they were sold out. Some shirts aren't going far, but others are going out of state.

They had another 175 pre-orders that are now ready for pickup. They've been working night and day to make sure everyone who wants a shirt gets one.

"We picked these up from the printer last night about 6:30 and we were there, we got here, got them out of the boxes, and folded, got the orders that were prepaid full and we were here until 10:30 last night just trying to get them all ready," said Dean'Na Barnes, Java The Hut Owner.

If Phillips makes it to the finale, they hope to do a special T-shirt. They're working to get proper approval so they can print them if he makes it through Thursday night.

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