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Fight colds and flu with clean housekeeping

There's no cure for the flu or common cold yet, but there are some really effective ways to protect yourself from them. 

In fact, it turns out one of the most powerful cold and flu fighters isn't a medicine at all. The key is to keep your home clean - very clean.

So most of us know the bathroom and kitchen are packed full of germs, and this is where we often work the hardest to keep things clean. 

But what most people don't realize is you really need to slap on the gloves and get to war with the smaller things - like your tissue box or TV remote.  

The pros stress thinking about where you put your hands most - even the smallest spots pose the biggest danger. We're talking about drawer handles, cabinet handles, toilet handles, and faucets.

Make sure you use rubber gloves when cleaning. You'll be less likely to touch your mouth or nose.    

When someone's been sick, wash those linens in hot water right away.       

And clean the cleaning arsenal, like disinfect those mop heads with bleach. And change the vacuum bags regularly.

Nothing guarantees you'll win the battle, but when you consider these nasty critters can live anywhere from several hours to several days in the place you should feel safest, it's worth the deep clean.

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