Phillips enters another round of Idol

Leesburg's Phillip Phillips is competing in another round of American Idol tonight. WALB will have more information on the impact his stardom is having here in South Georgia, including a look at how T-shirts with his name are selling.

The Department of Agriculture is offering financial incentives to help protest some watersheds in South Georgia, and Stephen Abel will talk to Agri-folks about what effect that could have.

Albany already has a teenager curfew, and Bainbridge has one ready to take effect in a few weeks. We'll get inside that today.

What tough duty some folks have here at WALB... We have to go by and report on the law enforcement barbecue cook off! Let's hope a plate of ribs or two makes it back to the newsroom!

Darton College adds a new name to title, and we have details in the 6:00 news.

And we're looking into a report that a felon got his hands on a list of voters, and the list contained Social Security numbers.

Be sure you've watching WALB at 5:00!