Viewpoint: Education money isn't for bail bonds

There's yet another instance of poor judgment by top administrators in the Dougherty County School System.

Superintendent  Joshua Murfree and Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Goseer reimbursed parents for bond money after they complained about their daughter's arrest at school. The school board attorney says that may be an unlawful expenditure of school system money, and the District Attorney is now investigating.

Goseer said he believed the arrest was improper, and Murfree said he was trying to avoid a potential lawsuit, but school police insist the arrest was warranted after the student cursed at a teacher and disrupted class.

Goseer also sent the school police chief an email ordering him not to make any arrests without the approval of the Superintendent.  The chief refused to follow that directive because it's not legal.

Murfree now says he only wanted to be kept in the loop on arrests, and he agreed to make sure school money is not used again to pay bond for students.  But these issues should never have come up in the first place.

The school system needs strong leaders who aren't afraid to make tough decisions, but those tough decisions need to be smart and well-thought out.  In this case, Murfree and Goseer failed on both accounts.