Phillips family supports the Idol star

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - While thousands of fans showed up today to watch Phillip Phillips perform, no one is more proud of him than his family.

They all got together this morning and went to Lee County High School to support the American Idol finalist.

Fans were going crazy at just the sight of Phillip Phillips. They screamed and cheered as he walked out of Cumulus broadcasting. But nobody was more excited to see him, than his own family.

"I'm excited to see Phillip Phillips because I love him because he is my cousin," says Kendell Ethridge\Phillip's Cousin.

25 friends and family of Phillips came to together to show their support for the American Idol star.

"I think Phillip didn't know the magnitude of the support he had at home so when he saw it last night, now he is in it to win it," says Cecilia Rentz\Phillip's Cousin.

They always knew he was talented but never thought he would become such a huge star.

"It is really weird because you are not used to seeing your family on TV and we are really excited for him," says Alexis Tucker\Phillip's Cousin.

One family member drove 8 hours from Tennessee to show her support for her cousin. She says all her friends back at school in Tennessee are huge Phillip fans.

"Everybody's doors are decorated in pictures of Phillip and every night everyone gathers together in the dorms and watches him," says Caitlin Gillikin\Phillip's Cousin.

And they all hope to keep watching him, especially when he hopefully takes home the title of the next American Idol.

Relatives say Phillip is a humble guy who is overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up for his welcome home celebration.

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