Phillips family anxious to see Phillip

We've watched and voted for Phillip Phillips for weeks, and it paid off. He's in the top three on American Idol and will be here in five hours for a Hometown Hero Celebration.

The Phillips family is anxious to see Phillip. They say he can't wait to get back to South Georgia.

The family's Pawn shop is on the list of places Phillip will be visiting Saturday. They're fielding phone calls of excited fans wondering when he is going to be here.

Ryan Seacrest kept the suspense going Thursday night, making us all wait until the last minute to find out if Phillip Phillips made it into the top three finalists.

But when the news was finally announced, South Georgians went wild.

"It was just insane, everybody was screaming, yelling, crying even, it was kind of mass hysteria at every individual house, my mom was calling, Donnie calling, everybody is really happy and very proud," said Phillip's Cousin  Stacie Ethridge.

Phillip's family always knew he was talented but never thought his stardom would reach this magnitude.

"Well I don't know, we have never been through nothing like this before, so its new to us,"  said Phillip's Grandfather, Ben Jacks Jr.

"I heard that people are camping out, driving from Texas, Baltimore Maryland, we have people coming from Baltimore Maryland, you really get an idea of how big of a star he is and going to be," said Les Sherwood of Albany Sporting Goods & Pawn

His schedule includes a stop at the Family Pawn shop. "I've helped him learn the Pawn shop, and we have gone fishing and hunting together, tomorrow, we will hopefully get to see him a little bit, we are proud of him, he has almost drove me crazy for the last three years playing in here, but what you see on TV is the real Phillip," Sherwood said.

And the real Phillip is quite and humble. His family says he will be shocked by the 20,000 to 25,000 people who are expected to show up to his concert.

"I really don't think he understands the magnitude of the support that he is having here locally, whenever he gets here, he is going to see it and it is going to be really overwhelming for him, I know he appreciates all the support that everybody has been giving him, but I don't think he really understands how crazy it is going to be when he gets here."

As excited as the family is for Phillips arrival, they won't be able to spend much time with him. We're told the family will only get to visit with Phillip for about an hour.

The family is asking fans to make signs and welcome him when his plane lands at Eagles of American next to the passenger terminal at Southwest Georgia Regional airport tonight at 10.

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