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To catch a copper thief

Copper and metal theft is on the rise, and businesses have already taken precautions to try and recover stolen materials.
"A lot of the companies that manufacture put serial numbers on their materials," says metal scrapyard owner Jeffrey Rogers.

And he says many dealers are doing their part as well. "We photograph the material to help trace the material to the seller."

But what can homeowners do to prevent thieves from breaking in and stealing their precious copper?

Generally, a copper thieve's M.O. is to get in and get out as quickly as possibly. Which is why any deterrent can be helpful - a padlock, for example.

But the best defense may be to have your neighbors and friends keep their eyes peeled.

But until every eye in every neighborhood is peeled, home and business owners will have to hope new laws requiring permits to sell copper will at least slow down copper and metal thieves.

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