Viewpoint: Is it time to end the textbook?

Here is one of those ideas that just makes too much common sense  to actually be put to use.

Why aren't college text books offered as a digital download to a kindle, or the like, and allow students the convenience of this widely available technology?

With growing cost of College tuition, the savings from digital books seems to be such a no-brainer.

The average cost is about $1,000 per year per student, and they receive back a pittance when trying to resell the used books.

This has appeared to be a racket, for decades. The class professor says you must buy the latest edition of the text book, where the author has changed one chapter, and costs your another $150 bucks, good for just one semester.

You know someone's profits are involved in changing this process, but if the book authors and publishers are making money, if you download a digital copy of Harry Potter, and the Twilight saga, then why not a college textbook???

Help us continue to ask for this common sense change to digital college texts books.