Pyrimax 3.2L herbicide provides over-the-top application control in conventional and Roundup Ready cotton varieties of tough weeds including glyphosate-resistant weeds such as Palmer pigweed, barnyardgrass, goosegrass and johnsongrass.


Weed Control: Pyrimax® 3.2L herbicide provides broad spectrum control of tough weeds in cotton, including many weeds resistant to glyphosate

Flexible: Pyrimax can be used over the top on a full range of cotton varieties including conventional and Roundup Ready, and can be applied pre or postemergence to control weeds.

Tank Mix: Pyrimax can be tank mixed with most herbicides and is the preferred tank mix partner with Cotoran® 4L to broaden activity. Pyrimax may also be tank mixed with most liquid nitrogen fertilizers.

Economical: Pyrimax protects your cotton investment with proven performance at the right price.

Confidence: Pyrimax is a recommended product within the Roundup Ready PLUS™ program for management of weeds resistant to glyphsate.


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